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Friday, 24 September 2021
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Functionality tasks

On the portal there is a possibility of flexible setting and perform tasks when creating a task, you can specify the following options for its parameters:
1. For publication ready material on our website / For publication on another website or information resource (for example, your blog or the official media).
2. Tasks are divided into: text writing / preparation of images (photos).
3. Paid (min 100 RUB) / Free.
4. With a deadline, specifying deadline for requests from professionals / Without limitation as to perform.
5. With reference to a specific region / Without specifying the event or incident (if this is not required or does not matter).
6. Statement of the problem to a particular specialist from the staff of your media on the portal / Placement of tasks in an open exchange of tasks for public access and the possibility of receiving a request for the execution of all the users of the site, followed by a choice:

Requests for the task execution
All specified parameters are independent from each other. You also specify the required number of characters and number of photos for photo-task, theme, category and description of the problem.
The process of formulation and execution of tasks has step-by-step control assignment of appropriate status depending on the current state of the task: set, accepted for execution, the rejection with the reason, expired the deadline, return for revision, performed, accepted for publication, posted. Notifications about status changes are sent to the e-mail and personal cabinet of the customer and the performer, for rapid response and continue work.

The list of tasks in your account
For paid tasks service guaranteed security for both the creator (the customer), because the money is transferred to the performer only after acceptance of the task by the customer and the performer, as a paid task can be created and activated only after the balance in the personal account of the customer (input the necessary amount of money in the service of our portal). The service keeps a commission of 20% of the cost of the task, including all payments.
In your personal account as a convenience provided detailed history of transactions on your balance:

Your balance in your account
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