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Collective media. Informational and news portal.
Independent publication of articles and news by users of the site.
Earnings for bloggers and journalists.
Friday, 24 September 2021
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User status

For some achievements on our website - you get the appropriate status for your account:


Evangelist - the status is assigned to the user
after a user invite 10 friends
on our site and they sign up,
and make 50 reposts in social networks
any pages of the portal.

Activist - assigned after user has created
10 tasks and completed them by other users.

Professional - who will create 20 publications
and leave 50 comments to different publications
(not flood!).


Expert - who writes the truth, and a lot of interesting,
that is estimated by the veracity of the publication,
their quantity and quality, the status is given for:
published 50 news and/or articles,
with each publication of at least 75% veracity,
1,000 views, 100 likes.
Who left 100 comments, and some of them are
10 confirming/refuting photos.
Having this status the weight of your vote increases
that is becoming more important, and in one like -
credited immediately +3 points, you become
an authority on the website :)


Witness - is assigned to your account,
if you left 5 comments that confirm
or refute various news or articles.
Portal «Master Media» is not only interesting and truthful, but also fair! :)
Therefore, to restore order - there were also negative statuses:

Disinformation - published on the website
a total of 5 false news or articles,
below the 25% veracity each
(following the discussions).

Parasite - which took 3 tasks and
failed them.

Spammer - issued for adding
3-rd publications or comments,
which violate the site's rules.
The statuses are independent from each other and can be simultaneously assigned to one user. And also - can be canceled, depending on your activity on the site (some dynamic status).

Users having simultaneously three statuses: Evangelist, Activist and Expert – are invited by administrators in a specially created private group «Community evangelists Master Media». This group will be limited to 100 users. The group is designed for private communication between participants and administration of the portal. After the required number of participants in the group - they will be given the opportunity to vote in important polls and thus influence the further development of the project, becoming a part of it! ;)

Also on site a special honorable page, which will show all the names of the «secret society» will be created, with links to their profiles on the site - as a token of gratitude, that they contribute to the project and actively involved in its development.

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