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Collective media. Informational and news portal.
Independent publication of articles and news by users of the site.
Earnings for bloggers and journalists.
Wednesday, 27 October 2021
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About the portal

The site «Master Media» is a communication network for journalists of any category, including citizen journalists, PR-specialists, bloggers and eyewitnesses of events and incidents. Information and news web portal, where articles and news are created and published by users of the site.
The website for those who want to find their colleagues and like-minded people, make useful contacts and reliable performers, to create an online newspaper or make an electronic journal, blogging and to earn on its a creative and analytical activity on the Internet, or simply to share interesting material and accurate facts with the world.
Whom our project can be useful:
  • beginners and young journalists;
  • professional journalists, official media and television channels;
  • bloggers and copywriters;
  • pr-specialists and advertisers;
  • readers;
  • who want to earn on its activities;
  • who care about the accuracy of the information surrounding us.
Key features of the portal:
  • Play the press using our site as a kind of "simulator" that allows you to create and associate with the same interests in thematic media, your own independent media on the portal! Express and show themselves, communicate and get experience of cooperation with colleagues from other countries and cities. Jointly prepare a text, photo and video materials for publications. Organize your workflow like this real media, only in electronic form. For ease of understanding the whole scheme of interactions we have prepared infographic;

    Infographic: the scheme of interaction of journalists on the website
  • Search of specialists in different positions on their location and make useful contacts (perhaps for employment or for permanent remote work);
  • Placement / execution of interested tasks (functionality tasks);
  • Publications with a partially open content (the entire contents of the reader is shown after the payment);
  • Get donations from your readers for useful and necessary information;
  • Self-publishing with paid indexed links;
  • Confirmation or refutation of the news on the website of your materials eyewitnesses of the incident. Make clear to the surrounding world of events!


    True news whose veracity is determined by the eyewitnesses!
Opportunities on our website a lot, everyone will find their! «Master Media» - provides convenient tools for interaction and unites!
We still have a lot of interesting ideas and useful functional ideas, but without you - we can not cope! Tell that to your friends and colleagues, so you are very much help in the development of our portal and invite them to participate in an interesting project! ;)
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